Piano Lessons with Alexander!


All ages and skill levels are welcome!

Piano study is not just an ambitious effort to increase your potential at the piano.

It is a noble step toward a heightened awareness of the intrinsic coordination between mind and body. It is also a study of the connections between your muscles, nerves and memory. A better understanding of these relationships will improve your physical and mental acuity.

I encourage you to approach each problem from multiple angles in order to broaden your own view of the vast body of material that exists. It helps to take a closer look at the history that surrounds composers, their compositions and social circumstances and performance practices of each era in order to establish the context for your interpretation. Focus on form, structure and theory- a thorough study of harmony and key relationships increases your reading and comprehension. I enjoy combining these topics in each lesson so that you see how each one relates to the other.

In my opinion, the most interesting part of piano study is the discovery of your own process. The search for an efficient practice technique is imperative to finding greater ease in learning and playing. As your fluency and dexterity at the keyboard improves, you will also be more easily able to enjoy it! Helping you acquire a solid foundation and playing technique to increase the joy of learning how to play the piano is my core objective.

Schwarzkopf Piano Studio

2453 City View Street
Eugene, OR 97405


$50 / hour lesson
$35 / half-hour lesson

An additional fee will be assessed for travel time for lessons at other locations.

References are available upon request.